my favs

Here they are, all my favorites!


     Matt Chandler at The Village Church in TX  (I'm doing Ecclesiastes right now.  Good stuff!)

     Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church in Seattle  (The first one I listened to was 1 Corinthians)  Ladies if          you want your husband to listen to a sermon with you download The Peasant won't be   sorry! 

Help with attachment issues:

     Building the Bonds of Attachment by Daniel Hughes

     When Love is Not Enough by Nancy Thomas

Adoption blogs:

Help with your strong willed child:

     Have a New Kid By Friday by Kevin Leman

     Parenting With Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay

Help for your larger than life family:
     15 passenger van (cause it's not easy to fit 7 car seats in 1 vehicle!)
     sit and stand double stroller (we pile 3 kids on this)
     hotsling (a must if you are having babies close together) 

Money stuff:

     YNAB (you need a budget)  Jim and I have apps on our phones to put receipts in instantly 

     Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey
Homeschool stuff:


     Math u see

And my very favorite of all...