adoption story

photo courtesy of Jess Fouts photography

Writing our adoption story had been a dream of mine for a long time.  I want it for my girls, so they can see how many people loved them and cared for them before we even knew them.  I want it for me, so I can remember God's that when the feeling of doubt and whispers of unworthiness fill my head I can remember that God moved mountains to bring these girls to us...we are nothing special, He could have used anyone, but He chose us!!!  I write it for those of you who walked with us, loving us and praying for us and never ever asking for any of the details.

 I also write it for anyone who is being called to adopt, had I known what the road would hold for us I never would have done it.  I would have wanted to, but I would've said, "that is an impossible journey!  No way will we all survive!  We simply can't do it."  Thank God He only shows us one small step at a time.  We would have missed the blessing of a lifetime.  To know Him more intimately, to trust Him in ways I had only watched from the sidelines, to live out our faith, to learn to love as He loves us.  What an amazing privilege He has given us to be called Mommy and Daddy to our sweet curly headed girls!