Sunday, June 2, 2013

1st day June- a day full of Audg

Our first day of June was filled with cute kids and fancy clothes.
Audrey got to go model clothes for the Spring 2014 Mustard Pie clothing shoot.
It was an experience!
I met lots of sweet kids and a few very interesting Moms:)
The only ones that worked harder than those kids were Jennie Helmuth and Missy.
I felt like I should go feed them grapes and fan their head!
We couldn't take any pictures while we were there, and since we were there most of the day this will be a short post:)


I got to hang out with this awesome woman!

 And got to celebrate 11 years with this guy!


Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary, a bit belated! :)

Kelsey Nichols said...

Love following your blog :) Can't wait to see her's and Josie's pictures from the shoot!

Marlo said...

Just popping in from first day. Happy Anniversary! 11 years is a HUGE accomplishment. Here is to many many more!