Friday, May 31, 2013

Week #9

I wish I could do all the really cute pinterest pregnancy shots I'm seeing.
So cute.
But instead you will probably have to settle for my really bad selfies.
This week I am 9 weeks (and look like I'm about 16 weeks).
I have actually made it through the day without taking a nap at least once this week.
I planned meals for the first time since I found out I am pregnant.
(only one actually got cooked but you gotta start somewhere!)
I have had a total unsatisfiable craving for these oatmeal pancakes!
I am a little nauseous at times but usually if I eat something I am fine.
Unless I'm on the swing with the kids...
just thinking about that made me gag a little right now.
Clothes are getting tight but I am determined to hold out a little longer before breaking out the elastic waistbands!

And for all of you (my family) interested in the details.
I flip into the next week on Fridays, so today I'm 10 weeks.
We went to the doctor last week.
Baby looks good, heart beating, baby is in the right place, only one...
He put me on a baby aspirin every day in hopes to help with  my preeclampsia later on.
I go back Monday June 24th

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