Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweet baby #8,

 (that blob is you!)

Hi little one.  Well you surprised me.  I know it's not like I don't know how these things happen.  But you were a shock.  A fantastic, wonderful shock!  You see your brothers and sisters have been asking for you for months.  Asher is now 20 months old, and around here someone new shows up about every 18 months.  We were long overdue in their eyes.  I just told them to pray about it.  That God knows what we need (and what I can handle, I would think to myself).  Well, they must have some pretty strong prayers.  In fact after we told them you were on the way Caleb started asking for "twins or threes"  (I asked him not to pray for that:)
       So a lot of people will feel sorry for you being the youngest of 8 and all.  But I'm sure if you are reading this you find that as funny as I do.  True there is a downside to being the youngest in a big family.  Your sheets won't be clean very often.  There will be days we won't remember the last time we cleaned you!  You won't be able to have any personal space what-so-ever (thanks to your smothering siblings).
      But there are so many wonderful things about being the youngest!  You will never ever want for ANYTHING!  Your siblings will spoil you rotten.  You won't have to walk until you are 2, you will be carried everywhere.  You get much more experienced parents who won't make you cry it out a full 45 min, make you sit on the potty at 16 months, and run in horror when you throw a temper tantrum at the grocery store (those things may or may not have actually happened, and probably all to Caleb).  You will have the largest cheering squad around and the loudest, largest birthday parties ever.
      So just in case you ever wondered, we are just as excited, just as hopeful and just as thrilled as we were for every single child we have ever been blessed enough to receive.  Can't wait to see you in December!

8 weeks


The Ellis Family said...

I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I'm just so sad that by the time I get to see him/her, she/he will be close to Seth's age. Guess this means Asher needs a new nickname! We love you!!!!

Tracy said...

Congratulations!!! I don't feel sorry for Baby #8. What a blessing to be anticipated with so much love! :)

(I've been reading your blog for a while and appreciated your adoption story so much, because we are in the process of adopting, too.)

Cindy in GA said...

Congratulations, Beth!!!