Monday, January 14, 2013

Sabbath Sunday

I love Sundays!
I live for Sundays!
A while ago I wrote about how I was frustrated, wore out and a bit depressed.
I was convicted that we didn't really take a day off to rest and worship (and being in church 5 hours a day does NOT count as sabbath in my book).

This is what sabbath looked like this week...

 Children playing with hot things...

 Are you guys getting the picture?!
Jim and I sabbath by making our kids do all the work:)

Even McKenzie gets a day of rest.
Asher makes sure she doesn't have to work at all for her food!

Jim looks a little tense doesn't he?
"Relax Jim!  This is restful remember?!"

 OK so the more I look at these pictures the more I get the feeling that I rested while Jim did all the work...

Here I am working:)

The "Big Bad Bow" is the coolest toy ever!

McKenzie half lab, half jack rabbit.
 The kids and I are training for the Resurrection Run 5K that benefits the Village of Hope.
 We did a mile and a half today and it was PAINFUL!!! 
Luke was over it before we got out of sight of our house.
"Mommy why don't we just race with our van?!"
"Mommy?  Where is the 5K shortcut?"
"Mommy? Can I wait at the finish line?"
Luke E Buddy

 But we did it!

Then we headed to Resonate for an awesome night of worship.
Pretty perfect:)

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