Monday, November 12, 2012

We got a Mac...

I've been singing that song since Friday.
Only you TobyMac fans will get that:)

So here is Ms. McKenzie...

 She is a-mazing!!!!
We are all kind of fighting over her.

But, we all know she is really MY dog!

We adopted her from Labrador Friends of the South, her first owner lived in an apartment and wanted her to have a home that she could get more exercise in...boy did his wish come true!!
The first full day we had her was Saturday.  The kids played with her all day long, by 
night time she was so tired she was running into the walls:)

 I love watching her run around the yard.
That girl can get it!

When Ms. Roberta had us signing the adoption papers she said something like "Oh by the way...McKenzie ate a sock a few weeks ago and had to have it surgically removed.  So watch her around socks."
Do you have any idea how many socks are floating around this house?!!!
I have been the sock nazi lately.
And I have done a fantastic job...inside the house.
Today I sent the kids out to play assuming their socks were safe since they were ON THEIR FEET!!!
Next thing I see is 5 very excited kids running through the yard carrying Seth (sans socks and shoes) yelling about McKenzie eating Seth's sock! 
Visions of taking 7 kids and a very excited dog, to the vet today alone filled my head.
I'm not even sure what kind of stroller I would pack for that!
How in the world would I pull that off?!
Instead I am on poop patrol (which lets face it-is my life), waiting and hoping she poops out the tiny sock.

Here's to new adventures, wet puppy kisses, and a poopy sock!!

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