Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We are expecting...

Don't you hate it when people do that?!
I just couldn't help myself.

So we are getting a dog.
And when I think of it from the kids view I get all excited and can't wait.
But when I think of it from a "your the one in charge now" view, it's slightly terrifying.

We met my sweet brother and sister in law at Petsmart last night and all I can say is Thank you Lord for sending us Uncle Dave and Aunt "T."  There is no telling what all we would've left that store with!

As I walked into the store I had a wave of nausea pass through me.
I've been around dogs all my dogs.
No crates, for toys they chewed on horns recently removed from the steers, and they lived outside or on the porch.

This is an entirely different world I just stepped into!

Training treats, rawhides, corrective cones, doggy diapers I saw it all!
And have you seen the toy isle?!
Anyone needing ideas for our kids for Christmas just go to your nearest pet store and get the loudest dog toy you can find.

Gianna is ready to decorate our entire house with doggy decor.
Lord help me!

I honestly took 15 minutes to pick out a dog bowl!
We won't even talk about how long we looked at crates.

The kids begged us to buy this for them for the backyard as a "secret spy clubhouse."

Thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt "T" we now have everything we need
and only a few things that we don't:)

As far as details about our new family member, here is a link to her bio:

Her foster Dad is bringing her by Friday so we can meet her.
If we like her (no pressure) we adopt her right then and she stays with us.
I hope she enjoys her last few days of peace and quiet.

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Laura said...

Mckenzie is beautiful!!! What a lucky dog to have found your family!! The kids are going to love it and she is going to love them!!! Good Luck!!