Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trying to find the words

This past Sunday I walked through the doors of my church of 10 years.
I stared down at the stage we had dedicated all of our children on.
I walked through the room I had first caught a glimpse of two beautiful girls who would eventually become my daughters.
I said goodbye to a Sunday school class who knew me when my marriage was barely holding on.
I walked by the class that Barbara and Paula poured
truth and wisdom into me.
I looked down at the alter that has held many of my tears.

I soaked in the sight of the people.
Wonderful people who have cried, prayed and loved on our family.
Teachers who have had a Richardson in their class for multiple years in a row.
Kids walking the hall that I helped potty train and who have now grown 
and have their own relationship with the Lord.
I told many of these people, through tears, that God has a new, wonderful plan for us.
A plan for us to join a brand new church starting in Decatur.
I fought the tightening of my throat as I soaked in the familiarity of those halls...those people.
 And my soul cried out what it has echoed many times this year,
"this is not comfortable, this is not familiar!"
But if God has made one thing clear to me in the past 4 years it is that He is not
concerned with my comfort.
My comfort strangles me.
It has become my greatest idol.
It also has tried to lull me into a lackluster spiritual life.
Which is not the life God has intended for His children.

So First Baptist,
thank you!
Thank you for pouring your time and energy into us these years.
Thank you for pushing me past my comfort zone.
Thank you for returning my children when one of them wandered away from me.
Thank you for loving and supporting us when what we were doing seemed to make no sense.
And thank you so much for encouraging us as we follow this God that we just can't get enough of!
We love and appreciate you so much more than I can find words for!

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Loria said...

And thank you Jesus for bringing the best accountability group together. I don't know what I would do without you, Erika, and Jennifer. God is good to us and He is going to do amazing things at this new church. How can you go wrong when you follow His will!