Friday, November 9, 2012

The end of an era

Emma lost her top front tooth today which came with a gut wrenching reminder that womanhood is only a breath away for my sweet baby girl.

I'm not normally one to get emotional over teeth BUT
with this tooth gone the only thing I have to remember Emma's quirky toddler hood are these pictures and my failing memory.

So I was thinking if I spill my guts to you guys
these things will live on forever!!
Much to my excitement and Emma's future embarrassment.

At first it started off rather normal and cute.
She started sucking her middle two fingers and giving us the longhorn sign.
(Much better than the sign her brother Luke gave us!)
Every now and then she might extend her pinkie finger to suck and pick.

She's an early multitasker.

Then I noticed her starting to ever so slightly rip the yarn out of her baby's hair to form a giant "fuzzy wuzzy."  I knew we had a problem when her Uncle Casey innocently grabbed at the giant hair ball on her lip between her two fingers and Emma let out a scream and a wail like you've never heard.  She then demanded that Uncle Casey put the beloved hair ball in it's rightful place on top of her lip.

This is the beginning of the "fuzzy wuzzy".
Look closely...

She definitely preferred her yarn haired babies.
Pink baby...

Poor red baby was her favorite...

Then one day my Mom bought her an Ariel barbie at the Disney on Ice show.
That poor Barbie didn't make it to the end of the show until she looked like this...

"Chemo Barbie" as my Mom calls her.
She kept that big red "fuzzy wuzzy" with her everywhere she went.
She would cry for her "fuuuuzzzzyyyy wwwwuuuuzzzzyyyy!"
It was bad ya'll!

So today as we celebrated with our usual ice cream for breakfast,
I mourned the last bit of baby left in my girl.
And the death of the "fuzzy wuzzy."

 (Many Barbies and babies where injured in the making of this blog post)

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