Thursday, November 15, 2012

A sock story

Well, I told you we got a dog!
(Or she got us.)
And I told you we were warned about her sock eating ways.
I told you that I was going crazy trying to keep her away from the 
1 million 578 pairs of socks we own.
And that on Monday I dressed sweet little Seth to go outside to play, carefully putting his shoes and socks on and sending him on his way.
A few minutes later I see 5 children running across the lawn yelling,
Of course you take your socks off in 47 degree weather.

Well here's the rest of the story...
It seemed as if all was well and good.
There was no sign of the missing sock and McKenzie seemed just fine.
Until last night, when she walked into the kitchen made some strange throat sound and puked right in front of me.
I stared for a few seconds before yelling to Jim, 
"She puked up the SOCK!"
And then to my horror, she ATE it again!
I seriously wanted to cry and throw up all at the same time.
Jim: "why didn't you get it."
Beth: "because I didn't know dogs do that!  Kids don't do that!"

So we called Aunt "T" who informed us that you can induce vomiting in dogs and told us to look it up on YouTube.
Sounds like a fun nigh time activity!

Next thing I know I am standing over McKenzie holding her collar while Jim shoves a bulb syringe of Hydrogen Peroxide down her throat.
We do it again.
Visions of me explaining to the kids how we killed the dog in less than a week, fill my head.
By now I've decided I don't want her associating us with the nasty taste of peroxide and I'll just take her and the 7 sock wearing rug rats to the vet tomorrow.
Which sounded like even more fun.

Some ungodly time in the morning Jim wakes me:
"McKenzie threw up the sock...and 3 more."
He says in typical laid back Jim fashion.
I sat straight up in bed:
"You mean she had 4 socks inside of her?!!!!"
I'm a total failure!

I guess he thought I needed proof because he left them in the sink for me to see for myself.


The Roses said...

Thanks for the laughs! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. But the way you tell it . . . makes a great story.

Laura said...

oh my gosh!! I am crying!! That is so funny, I am sorry! Only you guys would get a dog that ate socks!!!