Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet Ms. Renea

 Meet Ms. Renea.
Ms. Renea is the sweet widow we have the pleasure of serving for our Both Hands project on November 17th.
Jim and I wanted to do something to honor the 1 year anniversary of Gianna and Audrey's adoption and just loved the idea of this project.
It's like a fundraising 5k but instead of running we will be fixing up Ms. Renea's house for a day.

Ms. Renea lost her husband suddenly just over a year ago.  She is a sweet, humble soul who I had to really press on to get her to tell me how we could serve her!  She is thinking of possibly selling her house in the future and it needs a little work to do that.  As I sat and talked with her she looked out the back window and shared with me about how hard it is for her to look outside because she remembers her husband working in the backyard.  
When I think of her past year it brings me to tears.  She suddenly lost her husband and she saw her first daughter marry.  What an emotional year.

One of the things on our to do list is to clean her furniture and fan on the back porch.
Ms. Renea has MS and is unable to go outside to do that herself.

 We are also going to pressure wash the back of the house.

 And stain the deck.

 A little more pressure washing.

 One of the things that drew me to this project was that it can be done as a family.
We are bringing our older kids (4 years and up) with us to help in the morning.
One of their jobs will be spreading pine straw and mulch.

 I am hoping to find someone who is willing to donate their time to come clean out her gutters.
We have had many offers to donate ladders to do this ourselves but I am nervous about putting someone up 3 stories without experience (and with such a tiny landing area on the side).

 I've also asked a company to donate a new A/C unit and labor to put it in.
Twice when I have come to visit Ms. Renea her AC was broke.
It's a big request but the worst they can say is "no."

We are going to caulk the front porch and paint the shutters.
I am asking a few painters if they would consider donating their time to paint the exterior of her house.

There are a few things inside we plan on helping with as well.
Mainly just general cleaning and organizing.  We are going
to fix her some meals for her freezer and detail her van.

We need to get 100% of the material donated because 100% of the money donated goes to 

God is really teaching me about approaching Him boldly, not meekly as I have done before.
Just this morning He gave me these verses:
"When I called, You answered me.
You made me bold and stouthearted."
Psalm 138:3

"Ask and it will be given to you...for everyone who asks receives..."
Luke 11:9

I am boldly asking the Lord to provide not only for every material need for this project but that He will also meet the spiritual needs here.
I'm very excited!  And would love your prayers!

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Songbook said...

Wow! What a huge project and what a huge blessing this could be for her! I really hope it works out and you find all the help you need! I'll say a prayer for your Ms. Renea and your project!