Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random things I've learned while raising my tribe...correction

So I have often wanted to write something I have learned while raising all these kids.
But I have stopped from fear that I will sound like I have arrived at some sort of parenting perfection.

Today I am going to stuff that fear trusting that you guys know me well enough by now
to know that I have certainly not arrived anywhere...unless you count crazy.
I have arrived at crazy!

(picture has nothing to do with this post- but I like it and want to remember it always)

Today I had one little girl tell another little girl:
"If you don't move I'm going to punch you in the stomach and I'm not going to be your friend anymore!"
(said with lots of head bobbing and finger pointing to enhance drama)
What I used to do:
In my earlier less experienced days (last week) I would have called Mss. Sass-a-frass  to come talk to me.  I then would've had her confess to me what she said, why she said it.
Then she would've sat with me.
(the ultimate punishment)

What I do now (today):
I called Mss. Sassy to the house.
No lecture.
No confession.
And I had her sit with me in the kitchen.
(still the ultimate punishment)

I figure, she knows what she did, she doesn't need to confess it to me.
And I don't need to waste my time and energy explaining to a 4 year old (did I give it away?)
why she should not punch her sister in the stomach.

A little less talk, a lot more action ya'll!
And the best part of this...minimal energy/frustration experienced by me.

Happy parenting!

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Nicole said...

My newest revelation is that sometimes I make it worse by butting in.

Now when there is a mass argument over some previously unloved toy and the screams for me to fix it start, I just tell them they are brother and sister and they are stuck together. Then I tell them to figure out a solution without me.

Surprisingly, it seems to be working.