Thursday, September 6, 2012

'Ol Blue Eyes' is ON HOLD (a Momma Lucy post)

Ok Everyone....just like a great novel has many chapters that evolve over goes the story of Beth & Ol' Blue Eyes!  We are putting that story on a cliff-hanger "Hold" for a short while.  So here's where we are leaving them for the moment: 
  • Will "Ol Blue Eyes" be left standing on the scales in the hall of the hospital wing where Nurse Beth works?  Who will show him how this contraption works and is it really a ploy to draw Nurse Beth closer to him? 
  • What are those "shifty nurses" at the desk cooking up for tomorrow?   Will they arrange for Nurse Beth to accompany a patient to a surgical suite where "Ol Blue Eyes" is assisting in the procedure?
  • Will "Ol Blue Eyes" ever call our Nurse Beth?
  • Will Nurse Beth answer "Ol Blue Eyes" stat call?
  • And the largest question of all....Will I EVER be a Grandmother????
I will leave you with one hint about this on-going story....It involves a Purple Bread Wrapper!  Now that should hold you for a little while!!

So I am going to be a guest on Beth's blog from time to time.  I am Beth's mom and thought you may like to learn a little about "Beth...the Baby...the Child...the Teenager...the Bride...the Mother....the Child of God".  It should be fun and bumpy at times.  It has truly been and continues to be a wonderful journey.  So hang on and I hope I can share some of my life with you.
One thing that  must be husband Hank (Coach Coyner) to all you Stuarts Draft people, and I have six children between the two of us.  Beth may have the Super 7 but we have the Scattered 6.  That means we have 6 children in different places and stages of their lives.  We love them all and will bring them into this story later on.  But since we are beginning with Beth's blog, then I will start with her.


To give you a sneak peek...this is Baby Beth about 6 hours old!  Look at those cheeks...Look at that Hair!  Don't let those looks fool you.  It Bites and steals "Belly Buttons!!!  More on that much later too.  Our next story will be "The Ultrasound....The Labor.(Yes you have to go thru that part)....and Playing Muscial Gurney's [Stretchers] in the Delivery Room. 


Ivy said...

Oh! I can't wait to read more juicy bits about Beth. Good first blog post Beth's mom, you didn't tell us your name. :-)

Ivy said...

Oops, my bad, sorry mommy Lucy. :-) Looking forward to more posts.