Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Asher T turns 1!

Daddy photo bomb

The crew

Emma G baked Asher's cake in her Easy Bake oven

Asher's view

Face time with Great Grandma

Go time

Sweet little Asher T,
     Happy birthday little man!  Today you turned 1.  Your first year has flown by.  You live the life of a king, transported by little princesses to anywhere in the house your heart desires.  You barely fuss and you have an entire entourage at your service.  The downside of living the big life is that you have decided in order to be heard you must scream at a pitch I didn't think was possible for a human of any age to reach.  You get quite a kick out of watching everyone jump when you scream.  You have recently taken up a love for coffee since you figured out which cabinet it is kept in.  And that is where you have learned your first real word "uh oh!"
     My favorite time of the day is at night when I still get to feed you a bottle and I'm just about to lay you down.  You lay your head on my shoulder, dangle your sweet little arm over my back and rub my back as I rub yours.  You are a gentle and sweet soul.  You are joy in abundance!  I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to be called your Mommy!  You are my dream come true!
Happy birthday my sweet boy!

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1 comment:

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to that sweet little caboose!

What an adventure he gets to live!

And FYI - Gabe is also a teradactyl screamer. Maybe Josie is like having 6 brothers and sisters. If she comes near taking what he has he lets a scream rip that makes my skin crawl!