Friday, August 3, 2012

The Story of Us; the confrontation

So that was the longest cliffhanger EVER!!  Sorry, life got in the way of writing.  If you are like me and can't remember how the story goes you can catch up here.

And just a little shout out to all those who harass my sweet husband in the halls of the hospital and church...thank you!
 Mrs. Blue Eyes


That weekend came and went without as much as a call from the good doctor.  The weeks passed and not only did the phone not ring but there wasn't a trace of him on our floor.  Meanwhile I was getting absolutely hammered by 2 night shift nurses.  Grilling me wondering if he had called, and why did I think he hadn't called?

About 3 weeks later I found myself counting drugs with my friend Gloria at shift change (this is old school baby- when we had to count the drugs by hand).  She sweetly asked me if I had heard from him?  I told her "no" and frankly I didn't care to.  I was frustrated.  What was the point?!  I had learned early in life that given enough time a person will show you who they really are and what they believe.  I felt like I was seeing his character and should be thankful it hadn't progressed any further.  I quit waiting for the phone to ring and I stopped saying "no" when asked out on dates.

Fast forward a few weeks...
I'm standing at the nurses station carefully balancing about 6 different meds on my clipboard, my other arm full of linens headed down the long hall to my patients room.  When I glance down the hall I see a resident in a shiny white coat, standing on the standing scales carefully unloading 20lbs of notes, stethoscope, gum, tape, hemostats, pager, cellphone, etc so he could weigh himself.  Darts started to form in my eyes as I realized it was ole lying blue eyes; but I had to laugh at the sight of him standing there on the scales.  I decided to keep my head low and walk quickly to my patients room, until a thought crossed my mind...he was stuck!  Stranded on the scales, with his stuff everywhere!  I had a choice to just act like it didn't bother me for the 4 more years I would be stuck working with him OR to confront the jerk.

     I turned around, set my clipboard down, took a big uneven breath and walked to the front of the scales.  He looked up, startled.  That's the look of guilt! I thought.  I smiled and said, "So what's up with asking for a girl's number and not calling?"  I don't really remember his response because I was thinking I CAN NOT believe you just said that out loud!  He's going to think you want to go out with him now!  I do remember him looking like he would like to run to the nearest EXIT and saying "E_____ and J_____ (the night nurses) told me you were dating someone!"
"Did you ever think about asking me about that?"  I said with a sarcastic smile.  I had to admit it felt goooood to get this all out.
"No, I assumed they knew." He shot back smiling all friendly and stuff.
"Well they didn't and I'm not."  I turned on my heels to head back to my clipboard and saw at least 4 people at the nurses station duck down pretending to be busy all of a sudden.
"Well, what are you doing tonight?!" he said.
"Nothing." I heard myself say.  What am I saying?!!
"I'll pick you up at 7:30?"
"OK" what in the heck just happened here?!  I don't want to go out with him!  And I don't even get off work until 7:15!

Not to worry the secretary was already calling my roommate Cindy to get her to pick out some clothes and a few other nurses were dividing up my patients to take over for me a little early.  And as much as I tried to ignore it there was an excitement in the pit of my stomach.

Next up...the first date.