Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My obsession with space bags!!! (organization tip)

You guys these things have SAVED MY SANITY!!!

One of the biggest challenges of having 7 kids
is keeping up with the clothes.
And I'm not talking about the endless amount of laundry.
I'm talking about the clothes they are growing out of and the clothes they are getting ready to grow into.

Right now I have kids in size 7, 6, 4t girls, 4t boys, 2t, and 18 months.
I also keep all their old clothes to pass to each other and just in case
we have another one someday:)

So my fabulous Mom,
whom all good things come from,
found me these wonderful spacebags.
It used to be that you could only find them on QVC but now Walmart carries them too.
She has been sending me crates of them for years.
They are AWESOME!!!

I stick a certain size of clothes in a bag and then vacuum pack them shut and label the outside.
I make all the clothes for that size fit into one of these bags.
Nice and neat and so simple.
Seeing those bags all labeled and closed makes me feel like I have some control over all this chaos!

In our old house we didn't have much room and eventually ended up getting a uhaul storage.
But in our new house we have lots of storage areas.
So in the boys closet there is a storage room.
In that room goes all the clothes that know one is growing into and all the baby stuff we aren't using.
So all the boys clothes 12 months and younger and all the girls clothes 3t and younger.
I stuck (actually Jim stuck) a list on the inside of the door so we don't have to go in and search for it.
(I LOVE lists!)

I know I'm a freak but have you ever seen anything more
beautiful in your life?!...

I have a ginormous closet!
I use half of it for kids clothes.
All of these bags or filled with clothes they are getting ready to grow into...

No longer will boxes of clothes ruin my life!
No longer will I stash clothes in a  big rubbermaide bin and take hours going through it at the change of season!
This year I WILL BE READY!!!