Thursday, August 23, 2012

I have a dream...

...a dream where all grocery stores will be a place of encouragement!  Where screams from my toddler would invite a loud whistle and a team of Mommy medics to come whisk away the dramatic showstopper.  A Mommy coach would appear before me.  They would squirt water in my mouth, rub my shoulders and tell me what a good job I am doing, then push me back out into the isle where my baby would be waiting with a smile on his face.
     Instead of being met by a bugged eyed cashier at the sight of my bulging cart and sea of children surrounding it.  I would be greeted with a pom pom waving cheerleader (but not too pretty), chanting encouragement and enthusiastically handing out stickers to my children.
     I would then push my 587 lb cart toward the door, where staff members would line up on either side cheering and smiling as I ran my cart through a paper sign that said "YOU DID IT!!!!"  My kids would wave and smile as they strolled single filled toward the van.
     Once each child was safely buckled up, I would be led to a podium in which I would be awarded a gold medal for my persistence!

 (from 2010.  Yep, that is Seth not Asher)

Oh, but my dream doesn't end there!

Once home, I pull up my van in the driveway, open the garage door as the Extreme home makeover team comes bounding out of my garage!  Ty comes out waving his megaphone, yelling for all the children to go to the back yard where staff is ready to lead them in a high intensity game of kickball.  Another team member would usher me up to room and lead me to my tub where a bubble bath would be waiting for me with Sister Hazel playing softly in the background.  Meanwhile more team members are unloading the van, starting dinner, feeding the baby and changing the toddler; smiling and laughing all the while.

This is honestly what gets me through a grocery trip.  True story!


Erin said...

This made my day! We can have it anyway we want in our dreams!!! :)

Kat said...

In my dream I can sleep's my super power.

LOVE IT!!! Bwahahahaha!

Rebekah Cook said...

Oh, honey.....your whole life should be that way!!!! I think you should just wait and do your grocery shopping when Mary is there so you can utilize her and at least make it a LITTLE easier for you! And as far as I'm concerned, regardless of the fact that you're not perfect (because NONE of us are) I consider you SUPERMOM!!!!