Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forever party- carnival style!

Hey guys!
Sorry for the long pause.
I have been consumed with school and laundry...hard to believe I know.
Anyway, this past weekend we celebrated Forever day!
1 year since the day that Gianna and Audrey became Richardson's!

When we were talking with the kids and thinking about what exactly we were celebrating
we wanted to make it very clear that we were not celebrating ourselves.
We weren't even celebrating Gianna and Audrey.
What we really wanted, was to pause and remember all that God has done.
In the Old Testament the Israelites built altars so that they and their children would not forget the miracles God had preformed in front of them.
This party was our offering to God.
It's not about us.
It's about Him.

"Many, O Lord my God are the wonders you have done.  The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare."
Psalm 40:5

These are cards that people mailed in that will go in the girls life book...

I want to be buried with this!
It may be my absolute favorite thing about the entire party!
My art teacher/friend Ms Loria painted this to match the girl's room.
But it's actually a guest book that will hang in their room...

Friends and family left their thumb print and signed their names...

Instead of any gifts we asked everyone to bring some diapers or wipes to give to the
pregnancy resource center.
By the end of the night this table was full and running over.
Tomorrow the kids are going to take it all to the center...

And now for the showstopper...

The dunk tank!
I had NO IDEA that this thing would be such a hit!
I thought the kids would get bored of it after an hour
 but 3 hours in and they were still dunking each other!
Seriously, does this ever get old?!!!...

Audrey did it once...and that was enough for her.

The line looked like this most of the night...

No children were injured in the making of this picture...

And then there was the photo booth...

I'm speechless...

And then Jim made me cry...

Thank you guys so much for coming out and celebrating with us!
Big shout out to Jim's family who drove all the way from VA and surprised us Saturday morning.
Best surprise ever!!!
And my art teacher/friend Loria who not only provided anything crafty you see here but also bugged me until I sent out invitations:)

If you are in the Gwinnett area and want a dunk tank in your life (or a bouncy house)
check out Spacewalk of Snellville, best prices and best service around!
(no I'm not getting free bounce houses for saying that- although that would be totally awesome!  We just really really love them!)

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Nicole said...

Beth! What an awesome celebration! God is SO good. I have more then enjoyed watching these sweet girls find their place of value in the world. Praise God for adoption and the lives that it changes!