Thursday, August 2, 2012

First day- August

First day is just a "fly on the wall" peek into our normal everyday life.
But I'm nothing if I'm not real with ya
 so let me tell you what these pictures won't show you...

They won't show you that Seth did not nap and spent the entire afternoon chasing me around whining at me, you won't see the 125 lies that Audrey told me about the most ridiculous stuff, you won't see the loneliness in my soul from not seeing Jim much this week,
you also won't see the rift we got into when he did get home.

So don't be was a struggle.
But like my Granddaddy used to say,
"I wouldn't want to struggle with anybody else!"

 (yes, that is a ping pong ball taped to G's chin and no I have no idea why)

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