Monday, July 16, 2012

Some call it vacation...

The time has come for our annual Fripp Island vacation with the entire Richardson clan.
You can see last years vacation here, here, here, or here.
Yesterday we packed up and got on the road.
I was feeling quite proud knowing I just did a much shorter trip by myself with only 1 stop.
I just knew this trip was going to be a breeze!
30 min later I'm in a Walmart parking lot cleaning up chunks of puke.
Pride check!

It was a scene straight from a bad high school party.
One kid puked, before that one was done the next one started,
and then overcome by the smell and nastiness of it all 1 more joined in just for fun.
But not to fear, it was just a bad case of overindulgence of the new confetti cupcake pop tarts.

Just a friendly reminder...

How many kids can you pack onto a golf cart, 
you would be surprised!

The kids pets for the week...

My boyfriend (check out the snake haircut)...


I'll try to keep the pictures coming.
I know you've always dreamed of vacationing with 13 kids and 3 dogs:)

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