Sunday, July 29, 2012


The other day the kids came in after playing outside with Ms. Mary.
After a few minutes we realized that Seth Michael was missing, 
which was odd, he never gets too far from his brothers.
So I set out to find him, sure I would find him hijacking Caleb's beyblades.
But he was no where to be found.
I even ran outside in a panic thinking he didn't make it in.
Finally Ms Mary found him in a corner in Grandma's room with an entire bag of candy and a ton of candy wrappers on the ground.
Apparently he took the piano bench and pushed it through the house into the kitchen, climbed on top of the counter, grabbed the bag and ran as fast as his chubby feet would run.

Fast forward to today.
I'm on the phone with my brother in law and I walk in to the only part of the house that is remotely quiet;  Grandma's room. 
I turn the corner to find this...

That little stinker had somehow gotten into the candy again,
had taken it to Grandma's room, removed the vent and poured it down into the vent
(thank goodness it is a curved duct and we got it all out- and by we I do mean Jim).
When I asked him about it it went like this:
Me:  "Hey Seth.  What's up with the candy?"
Seth:  "I di nt do it!  Audrey do it!"
(he is brilliant-she is the only other person in the house that actually might have done it)
Me:  "Audrey didn't do that!  You did it!"
Seth:  "na uh!  Audrey did it!"
He runs off up stairs to find his brothers, while Jim and I finally sit to eat dinner.
Both of us too exhausted to press a confession out of him.
10 minutes later Caleb comes down the stairs with a very amused look on his face.
Caleb:  "Sethy is pouring shampoo down the toilet and is splashing potty water ALL OVER THE BATHROOM!!!"  (totally laughing)

Apparently Caleb had to use a shield to get by him in the bathroom and not get potty water all over his freshly showered body.  Meanwhile Luke was standing in the room, completely naked waiting for help with his shower.

Welcome to the jungle ya'll!