Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to torture your kids in less than an hour...

Have you ever tried to herd cattle?
That's what it was like taking 7 kids, 7 and under on a golf cart scavenger hunt of Fripp Island.
To their defense it was during nap time and I didn't do a stellar job explaining what we were doing.
Which lead to much disappointment when we got to the beach or the pool only to run around like crazy people taking pictures and hurrying everyone back into the golf cart.

 (part of our team with a golfer- see the smiles, this was before they hated us and our stupid scavenger hunt)

 (a picture with someone playing a sport on the beach-
the man asked me to get his best'd I do?)

 (burying a team mate- after this Luke burst out in tears begging to go home and telling me he hated scavenger hunts)

(we ran into our competition at the fire house getting a picture with the mannequin- 
check out Audg "What's up with this guy?!"

 The Underwood family got the gold this time but 
I've got all year to train the kids.
I'm thinking suicides on the basketball court should get them ready for our rematch next year!

 The fabulous trophy.

Next was our annual Pirates and Princess Treasure Hunt.
Check out last years here.

Our pirates and princesses.

I gotta tell you, I would love to have this many cousins my age! 
Pirates Luke and Cyrus

 Princess Audg and Pirate Grayson

 Princesses (joined at the hip) Emma and Lilly

 Pirate Payten
(he looks tough but he melts over babies:)

 And not to be left out, Pirate Grandpapa.

 The map.

 Counting out paces.

 Digging for gold!

 This years age t-shirt.

 The crew.

Even the pups got in on the action.

Better get to bed, tomorrow I'm hosting the Olympics!

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