Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beach pictures (part 2)

Just random pictures from the week...

 (Our annual foot picture....this was a struggle, 
let's just leave it at that.)

My sweet, amazing husband lets me drag everyone out to the pier each year, while I pretend to be a photographer.
He should win a prize!
Here are the pictures from the pier...

Emma was very unhappy.
She was tired and got her feelings hurt.
She kept telling me, "I want to smile but I just can't."
And then she would burst out in tears.
I love these pictures.
They are real, and emotion heavy, they make me feel something when I look at them.

 (Daddy comforting her)

 (My turn)

And this is what the boys do while we are harassing the girls...

And little Ms. Karsen...