Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beach pictures (part 1)

It's what you've all been waiting for,
or at least 2 of you!

We are starting it off all the way on Thursday with picture night.
A night that all the men look forward to all week, thus the red solo cup in hand:)

And we begin the torture with Audrey.  
Who wanted to break my camera in this picture because I took her trash from her.

 (The girls.  Elli, Karsen, Emma, Lilly, Gianna, and a still angry Audrey)

 (my pretty girls)

 (handsome boys)

 Luke E Buddy

 The gang...yes we are in Hawaiian shirts.
The girls kept coming up to Uncle John saying 
"Our Granddaddy has that SAME SHIRT!"

Next up, the Family Olympics.
I got this idea from Family Fun magazine.

The kids picked team mates and competed at ping pong toss, ping pong shake (use their body to shake ping pongs out of a tissue box attached to their back side), and the cheeto throw.

 (Gianna and Grayson ping pong tossing)

 Lilly preparing for the cheeto throw.

 Uncle Casey looking a little like one of our founding fathers.

 The line up!
(Sethy is tucked in there some where...he saw cheetos so he was in!)

 15 sec of food throwing, or food stuffing if you are Seth Michael or his partner Karsen.

 Have you ever seen a cuter cheeto heads?!

 I've got no words people!

The kids made medals out of plates the day before.
We crowned Caleb and Payten the winners,
Grayson and G 2nd and Emma and Lilly came in 3rd.
But I think the grand prize goes to Beth, who got Cathy, Casey and Jim to wear shaving cream on their head and have kids throw food at them. 
 And then plastered pictures all over the internet!