Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Be there!

The other day on Facebook I saw a really cheesy picture with a single sentence
"Wherever you are, be there."
I've rolled it around and around in my brain.
Wondering what it means to "be there."
To be completely invested in whatever you are doing.
Being the mother of 7, I am the queen of multi tasking.
Which is just one way to say that nothing gets my complete attention unless it involves lots of blood.

How many times have I complained about not having any time alone with Jim,
but when the kids are in bed and we are alone I am busy finishing up chores from the day.
And how many times have I sat down to eat lunch with the kids and <gasp> checked FB instead of talk with them?!

If I have learned anything this past year it is that these relationships won't be here forever.
Kids grow up, spouses pass away, and friends move away.

Want to join me in choosing to be wherever you are?

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