Thursday, June 21, 2012

We need a team!!!

Hey guys.  I've been staring at this white screen for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to introduce this to you and since I'm tired I'm just going to throw it at you.

God has broken my heart for Guatemala!
I adore the people there and the culture.
He bound my heart around Amy and Todd as they sat across the table from us 
a few weeks ago and told us about a new ministry they were starting from scratch called 
I was totally on board when they mentioned family style, orphans and special needs.
Since there is little to no chance the orphans of Guatemala will be adopted,
Village of Hope is going to offer family style units.
So the kids will live in a house with 5-7 other kids and have parents!
Music to my ears!

This is a brand new ministry.
AKA they need money!

So Jim and I are heading up a Both Hands project.
And we would love it if you would join our team!

Here is a link to what Both Hands is.

1. We need about 15 people (or families) willing to send out letters to get sponsored by their friends.
2.  Jim and I are in the process of choosing a widow in our community.
3.  Our team will then pick a day to go to the widows house and serve 
(clean out gutters, trim bushes, paint, organize things, cook for her, etc)
4.  The funds will then be collected and 100% of it is sent to Lifesong for Orphans for Village of Hopes Both Hands project.  The money will be used to help an orphan in Guatemala.

I love how we will be living out James 1:27 by helping the widow and the orphan.
And we will be doing it with our kids, teaching them by example the joy of giving.
(I'm hoping to take my kids 4 and up to help and have someone watch my little guys here)

Interested in more info?
Send me an email at the_richardson_clan at me dot com

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