Monday, June 25, 2012

Story of us part 3 (the Christmas party)

Our little story is dragging out...sorry about that.
But I'm trying to gross out my kids as much as possible:)
Here is part 1
and part 2

(Christmas party 2001- 1 year after our first dance)

I scanned the crowd in the grand ballroom of the Jefferson Hotel, to see if I could find the cute young doctor.
But after looking at the empty dance floor and the half bored DJ I realized he wasn't there.
I tried to hide my disappointment as I noticed Dr Joe was waving me over to the table full of residents and male nurses.
I was relieved to have some fun familiar faces to sit and talk to and fell into easy conversation with the guys. I even started to convince myself that I was glad the doctor hadn't shown up.  It was way too much work trying to get to know someone and dig through all the fake to find out what they were really all about.
I was glad he hadn't shown up!

It was then that I felt someone towering over my chair.
I turned around to see him exchanging "hello's" with the guys at the table.
He had a dark suit on and a blue tie that matched his baby blue eyes perfectly.
In my mind I was thinking of how I was just going to stick with the plan and not even put the effort into getting to know this guy.
In my gut I had this feeling that he was going to be trouble.
I was getting ready to show him just how much I didn't care
when he asked me to dance.
No "Hi how are you?"  No "are you seeing anyone?"
Just "Do you want to dance?"
My plan flew right out of my head as he held my hand and led me to the half empty dance floor.
The song was half over when we got there and I couldn't tell you what we danced to.
His hands were still as cold as ice from the frigid December wind and he smelled like he just rolled out of the shower.
His voice was slightly gravely as he leaned in to whisper in my ear that I looked nice.
And I think that was when I finally realized the music had stopped.

The DJ must have taken pity on me and quickly threw in another slow song.
Alison Krauss's "When You Say Nothing At All" came on and he asked if I wanted to dance again.
I said yes but the blood flow must have returned to my brain because I began thinking,
"I bet this city boy has no idea who sings this song."
I was suddenly very aware of all the eyes staring us down and how completely empty the dance floor was except for us. I was feeling subconscious as I whispered in his ear, "I think we are being watched."
Little did I know that a year and a half later we would be standing on that same dance floor, dancing to that same song with those same people staring at us.

The night was coming to an end as we sat at the table and tried to be interested in what the guys were talking about.  All I really wanted to do was talk to him.
As the DJ started packing up, the group decided to head to IHOP for breakfast.
Dr Joe being very responsible headed home and the rest of us headed out for pancakes and bacon.
The doctor and I held hands under the table and I almost giggled out loud a few times thinking of how silly and school like we were being and how fun it was!
But in my head was a nagging thought that this young doctor who travels all over the hospital and is invited to every Christmas party on every other floor, was nothing but a ladies man.
And his under the table hand holding only deepened my suspicions!

That night ended with me driving him to his car and us parting ways without a thought (at least out loud) to what the future would bring.
I drove home tingling with excitement and brewing with frustration.
How do you just dance with a girl all night and hold her hand under the table and not even ask for her number?!!!
It all screamed PLAYER to me.

The next morning I drug myself out of bed and to work.
I was leaning on the counter trying to play off all the teasing I was getting from our secretary when the phone rang.  I quickly picked it up to avoid answering any more of her questions.
"Neuro trauma PCU this is Beth speaking, how can I help you?"
A slightly gravely voice answered "You were just the nurse I was looking for.  How would a guy get to know you better?"
In my head I was thinking "WHAT A LINE!!"
But I went ahead and played along.
"I guess he would ask for her number!" I shot back, thankful to get that off my chest.
"Well then, may I have your number?"
I watched our secretaries mouth fall open and quickly dodged her arm as she swatted at my shoulder when she heard me giving out my number.
"Don't you tell a soul!" I mouthed to her as she tried to compose herself.
But it was too late, somehow even the night shift knew by the time 7:15 rolled around.

In my mind I was already picking out outfits for the date I was sure we were going to have that weekend.
Little did I know that would be the last I would hear or see from ole blue eyes for weeks...

(to be continued)

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