Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Story of us part 2 (that ain't no farm boy)

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   It was at least mid December and I was at work, although my mind was anywhere but there.  I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and had been drifting through my days with a numbness of freshly broken dreams and a sore heart.  The cute blue eyed doctor that had sent my stomach weak and my face red had not entered my thoughts in months.  He must have been on an outpatient rotation because the night nurses made sure I heard about all the fun they were having with him while he was on call.
(me in 2000 right after meeting Jim...yep, I'm wearing frogs)

     But today as I walked down the "long hall" with a clipboard full of drugs, I caught a glimpse of him.  I sat my clipboard down on the counter to start charting and glanced across the nurses station.  In a room on the short hall I could see Dr blue eyes sitting on the side of an old mans bed, hand resting on his leg and fully engaged in a conversation with him!  My heart melted.  I quickly reminded myself of all the reasons I did not want to date a doctor...especially a surgeon!  They are typically arrogant and even though they come in as sweet, nervous residence they frequently end up condescending and full of themselves by the time they get finished with their 5 year residency.  They spend their entire lives in the hospital.   And, I reminded myself, I want a blue collar farm boy!  Someone who knew how to build fence, work cattle, and pull a calf.  I quickly pushed all this crazy thinking out of my mind and went to find an old confused lady to talk to.

     A few days later I was talking to a group of interns about the Christmas party that night, and who walked by but Dr R.  I felt a tug-of-war erupting in my gut as he stopped to say "hi."  Giddy that he was looking at me when he stopped, frustrated that I even cared.  Irritated by the fact that he was on my unit so much and I was obviously going to have to deal with this emotional craziness brewing inside of me.  
(Jim in 2000...have you ever seen a whiter lab coat in all your life?!)

     I watched him walk into my comatose patients room and something came over me.  I'm not sure what it was, I was certainly not known for my boldness.  Maybe I had remembered my grand match making plan?  Or maybe I was still so numb from my recent break up that I lost my good sense?  Or maybe I was hoping he would tell me he had a girlfriend and that would end this crazy crush I had on this person I didn't even know!  Whatever it was I walked right into that room and asked him if he planned on coming to the Christmas party tonight?  He looked pleased to be asked but then he said "is that tonight?"  "Of course it's tonight", I thought.  "You were supposed to have been planning to be there for weeks just to get to talk to me!" I filled him in on the time and place and I may have even thrown in that my roommate would be there.  He said he was definitely coming.  I told him I'd see him there and walked out as if I could care less.

     I ran into another intern on my way out.  His name was Joe.  He was at the hospital doing a transitional year residency before he moved on to his 4 year radiational residency somewhere else.  He was a very tall, very kind guy with a quiet confidence that put you to ease immediately.  I instantly settled down when I saw him and as we walked he told me that he and his roommate (who the entire hospital had a crush on...including my roommate, turns out) would be at the party that night.  Should have been a single girls dream but the whole thing made me nervous...

(to be continued...)

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