Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NO MORE NAGGING! A tip to keep you cool...

I found something today so wonderful, so fantastic that I couldn't wait to come here and share it with the world!!!

I don't like my children controlling my mood.
I like to stay calm and happy no matter what decisions they are making.
BUT when I have told them for the 453rd time to clean up and instead they are dancing to Taylor Swift and playing beyblades I turn evil.

Enter Pinterest!
I ran across this little idea and finally got a chance to put it to work.
I walked around laughing like a mad scientist just begging them to leave a toy out!

It's the Box of Shame!  
(Check out that Darth Vader quote...niiiiceee)

Here's the deal.
I tell them once to clean up and give them a time limit.
They leave their stuff out, no worries, we go on with bedtime routine.
I snatch the toys up after they are in bed and giggle all the way.
Throw them in the box.
And sit and wait for the morning.

Mess with me now kids!

To get their precious toy out they have to pay the price by pulling a card from the envelop:)
I love it because it is fun.
This has them singing and making up skits, begging for forgiveness and massaging feet. 
And it shows mercy, sometimes they get just a warning, or 
clean the fridge and get a treat.

Here is my loot for the night.
It's all girl stuff.
And if your kids are like mine and they decide it's not worth it to pay the price to get their stuff out,
then they probably don't really want that stuff that badly.
After a few days it's gone!

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