Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A gift- The Child training Bible

Sorry it's been so long guys.
I've been enjoying my kids and staying up way to late chatting with my husband
 (good ole Dr Blue Eyes:)
But I missed ya!

So my friend Shannon walked up to me at church and handed me the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!!
It was a post it note, color coded, laminated Bible!!!
It is beautiful!
It is an OCDers dream!
I had seen it a few times floating around on pinterest.
It's called the Child Training Bible.

You order the laminated pages.
You buy post it flags and highlighters and a Bible and then you sit down and start highlighting away.
Now for some of you this sounds like torture but to me it sounds like pure bliss!

Here is the Bible she bought.
I know all those post it flags make a few of your hearts flutter!

 This is the first page that she stuck on to the 1st page of the Bible.
See how it works?

Let's take anger as a completely hypothetical example...
 First you turn to the first page (the laminated page) in your Bible.
Then you follow the yellow post it tabs to the different verses.
Then you find the yellow highlighted verse...
Loria, I know you are about to come out of your seat right now!
Go on and let out an "Amen" girl!
(Loria shares my love for all things color coded)

It also includes these laminated pages.
On one side it's all the verses you use to set up the book...

On the other it has suggestions for discussion with your kids...

We have used this book almost every single day.
I was and still am overwhelmed and so very grateful for this gift!
Thank you Shannon for all the nap time you sacrificed making this book for us!

Here is the website one more time if you are interested in making one for yourself or a friend.

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