Thursday, June 21, 2012

Emma's mermaid party

My sweet little Emma G is 6 years old today!!!
You can check out her birth story here.

Today we celebrated with a mermaid party.
I am not crafty what so ever!
But I can follow directions like a boss.
Check out what I found on interest!!!
It's the craft challenged birthday planners dream!
It's called one charming party.
Everything below came from the downloaded pdf I bought for $12!!!

The great thing about this party is that she was able to do most of it herself.
She cut, glued, glittered (a lot) and created almost everything you see.

sand castle centerpiece 

We bought this thing 3 years ago.
We have gotten our money's worth out of it!!!

flip flop hunt

Queen of the Sea

Dolphin, dolphin, dolphin, SHARK!

"Emma I love you  you are the best ever  Love J.T."

1 comment:

The Popes said...

LOVE IT! I really love the snack buckets. I need that in my life!

And once again, Josie thinks G is her!