Monday, May 14, 2012

To the parents of strong willed kids...

To you, the parents of a strong willed child,
     I know you.  You have emailed me about your child.  Your child that resists with every fiber of their being any authority you exhibit over them.  That fights you on the most mundane things.  Who's steel will you are certain will be the death of you.  I know them too.  Because that was me.  Impossible to parent.  Who couldn't wait to be told what not to do!  With way more fight to me than sense.
     I am here to offer you the bigger picture.  The view from above or at least from 20 years down the line.  I sit looking at my 5 year old who is manic.  Who is literally bouncing off one wall to the other, eyes rolled back in her head, eyes filled with lifeless evil.  A child overtaken with such fury that the devil himself seems to lose his fright.  I am at the end of me.  I have done everything I know to do.  Have tried every therapy technique I know, every parenting book, EVERY SINGLE THING.  Yet it still doesn't work...
     My flesh cries to give up.  It's a worthless cause.  You can not help her!  But my will screams inside of me...  THAT IS NOT, NOR WILL EVER BE AN OPTION!!!   I am filled with a fierce determination that if you can't help me don't get in my way!  I'm on a mission.  A life saving mission.  A mission for her future.  A mission for peace and hope and healing.
     So, to you... the parent that is weary and tired of fighting with your strong willed child.  Take heart!  God has BIG plans for them and they will need that will.  Your job is to simply love them, pray for wisdom and parent them the best you can...then just let them go.

With lots of love and hope for the future,
a strong willed soul who found her heart submitting to a loving Father

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