Thursday, May 17, 2012


I just got home from the most informative therapy session I have ever had!
I went to C.A.R.E to get some help with Gianna's rages and 
to rule out any other issues.

Here are some things I learned today that we are going to try:
After G rages we are going to talk about how that was "baby G" getting mad, not 5 year old G.
And ask why baby G would be mad.
If she can't answer (and she won't),
we will give her some options.
Then (I think this is pure genius) I'll ask her to close her eyes and pretend she sees "baby G"
and she is screaming and crying because she is hungry, and no one is coming.
(makes you want to cry doesn't it?!)
Then I ask her, "what do you think we should do?"
If she doesn't say it then I help her and say,
"Let's go get baby G and feed her and bring her to our house!"

I love this!
I think it will give her a sense of value, worth and control over a completely helpless situation.
It will also, hopefully, give her some closure.

They also mentioned giving her her own special baby doll, not for playing, but for her to take care of.
They said that this baby may become baby G.
As she starts to open up and heal she may act out different things with the baby giving us a clue into what happened to her as a baby.

If this helps her, then we will return in a few years for the therapists to give her details into her past.
The therapists will do this instead of Jim and I so that Gianna and Audrey get mad at them and our relationship stays intact.  Also there are some issues so big that the therapists are going to have to help them navigate the emotions (with Jim and I present as support).

If G continues to rage as frequently and as intense as she has lately then that is a sign she needs to have some of those cognitive memories brought out.
And that would be done with Jim and I at the therapists office.

I write all of this in hopes that one day 22 year old Gianna will read it and it will offer her even more healing.  
 I also write it for all of you at home struggling with the same issues, or thinking of adopting a child with the same issues.
There is hope for our hurt kids!
Don't give up!


Julie Lee said...

This sounds like a wonderful suggestion. When I was little and mad my mom always addressed my issue or problem as "my mouse." She told me that I had a little gray mouse inside of me that made me say mean things or misbehave. She told me my mouse was acting out but that I was perfect. Sometimes she even had me pinpoint where the mouse was in my body: in my mouth yelling out or in my legs kicking or in my arms flailing. What you're doing with you little baby girl sounds similar and appropriate for her struggles. Good Luck. I sent a little prayer for both of you.

Beth said...

Thanks Julie. So far it seems to be helping us both:) Your mom could've been a therapist!