Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pride and Prejudice and Jesus

Have you seen the movie Pride and Prejudice?

I watched it the other day...twice!

It's really good.

There is one particular scene (shown above)

when he says in his deep English accent...

"You must know, I did it all for you!"

I melted...right. off. my. chair.

And then I did that thing that we girls do...

I started thinking.

"The good doctor has never said that to me before!"

 But before I could even complete that thought another thought crowded in...  I hadn't exactly 


batting my eyes at him like the cute Keira Knightley.

So I am going to let you into my brain today...

a scary place especially here recently!

God has whispered this in my ear the last few days...

"I did it all for you."

(although there was no English accent)

I stood crying in the kitchen today over a bag of groceries someone had brought me.

I added them to the leftover meal someone had provided the night before.

I couldn't help but ask God "Why?!  Why do you love me?!  You know the very depth of my 

heart (and it ain't pretty!)"

I feel too terrible too love, too broken, too evil, too hurt too hideous!

And then I stop short realizing this is exactly how Gianna feels.

But His word says He delights in me!

So overwhelmed with admiration and a desire to please I dug into my Bible to find what 

delighted my 

Lord!  I was looking for stuff to do, things to check off the list.

But this is what I found...

He delights in "His people"  Psalm 149:4, Isaiah 65:19

He delights in "the chosen One"  Isaiah 42:1

Nothing for me to do to make Him delight in me more!

Which is good because that means He won't delight in me less when I am wretched!

And He isn't delighted with me; He delights in me.

His delight doesn't come and go like my emotions.

It's been there all along.

I only need to receive it!

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