Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hope for Solola

The people of Guatemala have captured my heart forever!
The first thing that struck me when we got off the plane were the security guards holding riffles outside all of the local businesses.
The second thing were all the grown men peeing on the side of the road.
But as we wound around the steep mountains on the way to Solola on our 3 hour journey to Eagles Nest, my heart melted as I watched 7 year old boys working in fields, old women heaving large loads of clothes and wood on their backs.
I saw houses that were no more than blue tarps strung between 2 walls.
I saw dark brown faces, some burdened and weary, others full of joy.

Pictures of Eagle's Nest will not give you any indication of the local poverty.
It is gorgeous!
But you only need to look down the hill to be reminded of what life is like for most families here.

(view of Eagle's Nest)

 (sweet girls begging to play wii dance)

 (the school and where we will have church tomorrow)

 (the view from Eagle's Nest)

(Jim's new friend- this is the youngest girl in the sibling group found eating dirt)

 (sweet baby)

(the kids watching Snow White)

I am so burdened tonight.
In the last 4 years (since adoption has been closed in Guatemala) there have been about 55 adoptions.
55 adoption in 4 years in ALL of Guatemala!!!!!
The system was corrupt so the government shut down international adoptions.
Most Guatemalans will not adopt, they are either too poor themselves or don't want to raise a child that they don't know the exact bloodline.

Do you know what that means?
That means if something doesn't change, most of the children you see above will never have a family.
They will be raised by the orphanage.
The orphanage is one of the best here but because of the number of children they are still forced
to prop bottles, go a long time between diaper changes and they simply can't replace a Mommy and Daddy!
When asked what the children dream of, almost every one of them said:
"to be adopted by an American family!"

I look at a sweet little newborn girl laying in her crib and I think of my friend at home
who longs to hold a baby girl in her arms and wonder "WHY?!"
All I have right now is hope.
Hope in a God who can meet all their needs.

"But now, Lord, what do I look for?  My hope is in You." 
 Psalm 39:7

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Loria said...

Beautiful post Beth. You are making us all aware of something most of us can not see or are blindly ignorant of...sweet babies... Wish I could love them all.... Ok should I start saving so I can change diapers and paint murals?!?! Love you and Jim to pieces!