Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First day- May

My friend Nicole started these "First Day" posts.
The deal is you wake up take pictures throughout your day of normal routine stuff.
So here is our normal.

getting prayed up

and the motivation for getting prayed up.

little sunshine.








new shoes

Go meet my friend Nicole and find out 
what everyone else's normal looks like.

<br /> <a href="http://www.journeytojosie.com"><img src="http://i496.photobucket.com/albums/rr321/thehanchan/firstday.jpg"></a><br /> 


The Popes said...

Love it! I don't know how you school all of them. I bet everydays an adventure! I have those toms too and I love them!!

Sarah said...

Love all those kids around the table with the baby in the middle! Reminds me a little of our house...

stopping by from Journey To.

Amber said...

Every time I read your post, I am envious. I can barely handle one kid! Love looking at your day! : )

Kameron said...

I'd have to get prayed up for 7 kids too. :) My 2 are more than I can handle! Cute shoes!

Shauna said...

Brave mom taking all the kids to Costco!! I came from a family of 7 and can say you are giving your kids an awesome gift- siblings :)

Fallon Davis said...

I found your blog through nichole a while ago, so glad to find it again!!