Thursday, May 31, 2012

The children of Eagle's Nest

I wanted you guys to meet the children who have stolen my heart forever.
And their stories that I will never forget.


This is Abi.  She is a teeny tiny little thing.  She is the youngest here at 3 months.
Her Mom is 15 and was raped by a taxi driver.
Her Mom doesn't want to raise her.
I believe paternity tests are pending on the driver.


I'd like to put this one in my suitcase (even though she puked on me twice today!)
Ali is a happy happy baby.
Her and her sister were found on the side of the road.


Lizzy was found wrapped in plastic in the trash only a few days old.
Lizzy has a family that wants to adopt her in the states but they weren't far enough in on their paper work before adoptions closed.


This is another one that has stolen my heart.
Dulce's mom gave her to a family for adoption but did it illegally.
She then changed her mind.  The judge is deciding what to do about it.
Both families could go to jail.  
Meanwhile neither family is allowed to see her.
She is beginning to get that blank stare and not accept affection even from the "momma's" here.

Polo came here a few weeks ago after his dad died.
His birth mom got out of jail and didn't want him and his step mom abused him.
He ran away when he first got here, looking for his dad.


 (Irma, Rudy, Marvin)
These guys came in a few days ago.
They were found under a tree.
Very malnourished with lots of old scars.


 (Juan Carlos)
Maria and Juan Carlos were horrifically abused.
She used to beg on the streets and he was a shoe shine boy.
He is a fantastic kid.  Caring and sweet.
Maria is delayed and has symptoms of RAD.
She is going to need lots of therapy and love.

This is Ms Luky.  She is one of the Momma's here.
She has worked here at least 11 years.
She is holding a picture of Joseph.
Joseph's Mom, Erin, reads the blog and contacted me before we left because Joseph was adopted from Eagle's Nest.  He remembers Luky and Ms. Luky remembers him very well.
When I pulled out the pictures for her she instantly knew his name and hugged the pictures to her chest.
I think I even saw a tear.

So this is the saddest post EVER!
These kids have little to no hope of being adopted with the current law.
Please pray for them.
I laid hands on a few of them today and just prayed.
I prayed they would have a Mom and Dad, if that was God's will.
I prayed that they would know God, that they would love Him and trust Him.
That they would help change the culture that they live in.
There is hope for these kids!
They were chosen.
They did not die in the trash can!
They did not get left under the tree!
They did not have to stay in a place they were continually burned, beaten and molested!
There is still hope.
Please pray.


Mom&Dad to A & J said...

My heart breaks over the children who have lived though such heartbreak and loss. I see my boy's face in their faces. Thank you for carrying his pictures back to the mamas who took such good care of him!

Brittney said...

my heart is heavy for these children! I want to take them all! :( I am praying the laws change and fast! God bless those women taking care of them and providing what little family structure they can. I usually read your blog and never comment but something was tugging on the heart strings just reading that!

Beth said...

I wish you could've seen her face!!! It was the sweetest thing! She is loved by all of the a Grandma. So sweet! Maybe you guys can take a trip someday. I'll email you their fb name (you may already have it)

Beth said...

I'm so glad you left a comment. It was heart breaking. A very hopeless feeling. I'm praying for a miracle.