Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I crave...

 There is one thing I covet!!!
I drool over!
I want to lay down on the floor kicking and screaming to try to get...


It's like gold.
It's rare.
It's precious.

But it's not easy to find someone willing or able to... 
a. drive a 15 passenger van
b. keep up with 7 kids
c. open up their house to the craziness.

You would almost have to be certifiable!

Have you met my mom?!

She fits the bill.
She loves doing laundry.
She has admitted to even walking around and washing her clean towels just to do more laundry!
She wants me to have more children.
And her and my step dad took my 7 kids out for breakfast and to the bouncy play today!


God bless them!
I spent my time jamming out to Counting Crows, organizing our school stuff and
labeling anything that didn't move while laughing like a little school girl.

I guess it takes one to know one:)

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