Sunday, April 29, 2012

Show and tell

Tonight I took advantage of all the "Grands" being here and did a little 
end of the year show and tell for the kids.
It was amazing to watch them proudly show off all their hard work!

Caleb told me that he was not going to be participating, but
he was the one that I couldn't get to stop talking!

We usually do some sort of end of year project
This year Caleb created his own board game.

 Emma G loved every minute of showing off all her art.

She decided, after reading the book 100 Dresses, to 
color 100 dresses herself.

The curriculum we use is literature based, these are the books we read 
through together (all read entirely during lunch or breakfast).

Granddaddy Hank made a guest appearance in our timeline for history.

One of my favorite things we do is journaling.
It has been very therapeutic for G.
She colors a picture and then dictates to me what it is.
This is her ode to Daddy.

My friend Loria should get an award for the art work she does with my kids!
She is amazing!!

Next year we are thinking about opening it up to the public.

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