Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you for a view of the stars from my bed at night,
for storage galore, 
for separate bathrooms,
for pretty places, views of fields with four wheelers and barns,
fancy playgrounds,
for room for guests with big families...

...for room to grow,
for hooks and drawers,
for neutral paint, for big kitchens,
for twice a week garbage,
for understated massiveness...

...for fancy schoolrooms,
utility sinks and mudrooms,
for a floor vacum i can sweep directly into, 
a breakfast room I can easily walk around...

...for trees and woods,
for a room that can hold 2 sets of washers and dryers,
for a mom that lives to wash clothes,
for a quiet street to ride bikes on...

...for friends and family that sacrifice their time for us,
for recycling centers and goodwill...

...for a burning passion for orphans and hurting children and those
who are taking care of them!
For countless blessings...

pictures of the inside will come as soon as I make my way out from under
the cardboard mountain.

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