Thursday, March 8, 2012

a little help from our friends

1 MORE DAY!!!!
I can't believe it!
Yesterday our Sunday school class came and helped us take down bunk beds,
curtains, and move a bazillion boxes downstairs.

This picture cracks me up!
So many things I could say.

Did I ever tell you we have 6 foot windows?! :)

The kids thought it was the best day EVER!!

And the fruits of their labor...

Thank you guys for helping us!
You have prayed with us, cried with us, and rejoiced with us.
I'm totally overwhelmed with your generosity! 
Can't wait to have you all over to the new house!

Tomorrow is move day 1.
They take the beds and essentials and they finish up on Saturday.
Then Grandma and I will sleep for 3 weeks.


nancy dailey said...

You cant sleep until you UNpack

Brad Ammons said...

Absolutely love the 6' window fitting for Cliff.