Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home sweet home (for my Grandma)

It's been 2 weeks and 1 day since our big move.  It has been exciting and sad and mostly strange.  Strange that we are staying in GA.  Strange that there was a house that seems built just for us.  Strange that we are not living right next door to our best friends anymore.  Strange that I can't hear and identify every little noise in the house.  It's also been wonderful.  Wonderful to watch the kids run and play and spread out.   Wonderful to know that 10 years ago, when Jim and I were sitting in a premarital counselors office being told we "didn't have to get married' that at that very moment a house was being built that would one day hold all 9 of us.
     I feel like I've won the extreme makeover home addition.  And I don't ever want this house to feel normal.  I hope I'm walking around in awe the entire time we live here!

     Grandma these pictures are for you.  By the time you get here I hope everything is unpacked and put away:)

When you walk in to the left is the dinning room aka the race track.

to the right is Jim's office (under construction)
there is also a walk in closet, full bath and guest room with an emergency exit just in case.

living room.

breakfast room

keeping room/ piano room

very messy kitchen

friends entrance
(how cute is that?!)


The best part...the playground.

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The Popes said...

Beth! It's gorgeous! I always love watching God pour out blessings! We can't out give him. You guys have been so faithful with the kids (all of them) and this makes me SO happy! Can't wait to watch your life unfold here!