Thursday, March 1, 2012

the Grand one has arrived!

My Mom is here!!!

Which means...
I will be able to shower daily.
The time in which a child cries because they need something will dramatically decrease.
The laundry will never ever get behind.
And I'll be able to talk on the phone for more than 15 seconds without being interrupted!

It's also the perfect time to kick off a new blog post.
Yes ladies and gentlemen.
You have asked for it.
And now I will deliver.
It's Grandma's Fabulous Finds...

It is here that I will highlight one of the many fabulous things that my mom finds and buys at least 2 of.
Today we are featuring The Big Book of...
found at Sams.

Do you know why fish don't sink?

It also goes perfectly with this Big Book of Seek and Find,
also from Grandma and also from Sams.
(that's for you Lisa)

Thanks Grandma!!!

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