Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The tired Momma's prayer guide...

For years I have wanted a more organized prayer time.
So a few months ago I found myself on the internet looking at prayer journals.
Totally overwhelming!
Everything I found was crazy elaborate.
So I came up with my own system.
It's not fancy.  Or pretty.
But it works for me.

The only time it is quiet around here is if the kids are sleeping or getting into trouble.
So I wake up before the kids and grab my Bible and my journal.
It's just a plain ole spiral bound journal.

On the first page I wrote the days of the week and I assigned a kid for each day.
So Monday is Caleb, Tuesday is Emma, etc.

I also assign other things that won't change. 
We have friends who are missionaries, I pray for them every Monday.
One of the lawyers that represented the girls early on is running for judgeship,
I pray for her every Saturday, etc...

So I wake up grab my journal and Bible and write down everything I think of
and sit and pray.
At least once a week I fall fast asleep while praying.
About every other day someone wakes up early and joins me.
I just hand them a Bible or let them curl up beside me and they watch me pray.
If they are loud they go back to bed.

(I know I have the handwriting of a serial killer- cut me a break...I hate mornings!)

It's a good motivator to get out of bed when you have 7 kids that each have their own day.
You can't get back in bed without thinking, "I'm supposed to be praying for _____."

After I pray I just read my Bible until something jumps out at me.
I was going through James but right now I'm just opening and reading.
When I see something that sticks out I write it on the back side of that page and then write whatever else comes to mind.

I take this journal with me most everywhere.
If I'm going to Bible study I take notes in it right beside where I prayed.
This keeps me from having papers all over the place.
It's really encouraging to look back and see how God has answered prayers.

It's crazy simple,
but it works for this season of my life.
Keeps me accountable and encourages me to keep getting up.
And God always redeems my time.

Hope this helps somebody out there:)
Much Love,
Momma Beth

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Priscilla Gerard said...

Thank you! I love this idea and I have been trying to get a journal going too! :)