Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poop, puke and pee, OH MY!!!

(post Seth bath after being doused with germy water)

3:45- realize Jim has 2 of our car seats in his truck and Caleb has a basketball game tonight
4:00- borrow a car seat from best family friend/neighbor Kim
4:05- try not to wonder what I will do without her next door to me in 4 weeks
4:15- feed Asher
4:45- feed big kids
5:15- realize Asher has pooped all the way up to his neck.
5:20- fuss as Luke to stop chasing Audrey
5:25- get peed on by Asher while (still) changing poopy mess
5:30- realize Audrey had stolen Luke's toy and that is why he is chasing her.  Fuss at Audg
5:35- get all kids in van
5:37- run back inside and fix my meal for the road
5:39- listen to child come undone because she doesn't have a "new" car seat
5:40- run over and drag recycling bin half way through neighborhood
5:45- pat myself on the back because it looks like we will make it to basketball on time!
5:47- hear vomiting sounds from the backseat and look back to see Seth throwing up everywhere
5:50- drop off Caleb
5:52- clean up Seth and car seat
6:00- Jim arrives and I return home
6:30- bathe the puker and the pooper
6:40- remind myself that date night is coming!!!!!

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