Saturday, February 4, 2012

the heart of a child

This past week I got a phone call from my best friend.  Her little girl has been saving her money for orphans in Guatemala and wanted to send a letter to Amy.  I just had to share it with you guys...

"thank you for helping these kids with no mother or dad. I know you will help them when they have bad dreams at night. Can I send stuffed animals for them? What about a pillow pet? I like to pray for the little kids in the picture with the filthy faces.....I think you cleaned them up now. :) Is it cold there? Can they wear any kind of shoes we want to send? Would they like books? and do the books need to be in English or is there a worker person that can make it sound like Spanish to them? Ohhh, one more thing: do they need blankets? I want them to feel cozy....a blanket and a stuffed animal might help them. And I keep praying for them.  I really wish these kids could get adopted.....and I could have a sibling!        Love, Grace"  (7)

And Amy's response...

"Dear Grace,
Thank you for your beautiful heart. I wish there were more people in the world like you who cared so much. To answer your questions, yes you can send stuffed animals. I know they would love them. None of them have a pillow pet so I know that would be super special to them. :) They do have filthy faces- so we give them baths every single night and make sure they brush their teeth too. They can wear any kind of shoes you'd like them to have. They love books- some of the kids can read and some kind not. Books in Spanish are what is best for them. :) They do have blankets but if you'd like them to have a new one that is good too. They will appreciate just knowing you care about them. They wish they could be adopted right now too- we are sad that Guatemalan won't let them but we are praying that God will one day soon make that happen. Thank you Grace for caring about these children- I know they would love to know you are praying for them too. Love, Amy Block"

Hope this encourages you like it did me.  For more information on our trip go here.

And the picture that prompted the "filthy faces" prayer...

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