Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the gift of a house

(random picture of Seth building that has nothing to do with this post)

I should be packing but I wanted to write you guys instead.
I have struggled for a while to put my thoughts about our new house into words.

I have really wrestled and struggled with receiving this house.
It isn't at all what I had pictured for us.
I'm not sure what I pictured.
But nothing this nice.

Jim and I prayed specific things before placing an offer.
And God answered each of those specific prayers.
So I don't doubt for one second that this is where He wants us.
So I guess I'm struggling with what other people will think...
Will they think we just throw money at meaningless things?
Will they think we don't care about those with so much less?
Will they think we have forgotten what it's like not to know where the money for next months bills is going to come from?

All this is is my pride.
Seems to be my thorn to carry.

The verse that comes to mind is 
"Our God is in Heaven, He does whatever pleases Him." Psalm 115:3
So for some reason, not because we have earned it or we deserve it; it has 
pleased God to give us this gift.

Then I think of our kids or our friends.
If we hear that someone needs something and we give them not only what they needed but "abundantly more than what they asked," how do I want them to respond.
Do I want them to stress and pace because they can't pay back such a generous gift?
No!  I would want them to hug my neck, thank God for the gift and enjoy it.

So I am trying to train my mind when it starts to stress over 
just how ridiculously cool this house is
 to say "thank you God,
what would You have me do with it?"

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The Popes said...

I totally understand this post. We still have months were our money is very tight, but we have this nice house. From the outside it looks like we live in a house much nicer then we should afford, but in reality, God gave us this home for a fraction of what it would normally cost. Our pool was built free of charge by the man living in our rental house in exchange for rent. God gives these material things sometimes and it doesn't make sense, but what you have to remember is that He gives to us for us to give to others. God told us our house was to be a safe haven for kids and adults needing peace from the world. The only times I've ever been unhappy here are when we stop inviting people over or hosting dinners for people who we know need it. I hope God shows you why you've been given this awesome gift and you can embrace it for the awesome gift that it is! YOU DO DERSERVE THIS IF YOU DO WHAT GOD INTENDS! I love your heart.