Friday, January 27, 2012

what's up around here...

Life has been crazy busy lately.
But not the overwhelming "why did I do this to myself busy."
The refreshing, "doing all the important things and leaving the rest"
kind of busy.

We are making jewelry to raise money for our trip to Guatemala.
You can read more about our trip here.

The painted wood in the first picture will hopefully look like
this picture soon. 

My artsy friend Loria has taken me on as 
her own special project.
She is helping me BIG TIME.
Cause ya'll all know that I am not crafty. at. all!

When I haven't been making jewelry, I've been packing boxes.
We had our inspection yesterday.
Looks like we will close March 5th and move in around the 10th.
I am getting a TON of help from my fb friends!
Thanks guys!

I took the boys (C, L, A) to see Dr B today.
The nurse had them put on gowns and couldn't get myself together.
They looked hilarious!

Caleb is 90% in height.
Luke is 50%
and Asher is 16% for weight... tonight we started supplementing.
I'll add formula to his 2 evening feeds.
And we will fatten that boy up:)
(and Dr B gave me some formula for Guatemala.  Love her!)

Luke got 3 shots.
It was pitiful.
But he got lots of attention when he got home.

In March I get to take Asher, Seth and Audrey to the doctor.
They will all get shots and they will all be hysterical.
Should be fun.

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