Sunday, January 22, 2012

A momentous occasion!

I finished a book!
Cover to cover.  No word left unread.
Yes, it took me reading a paragraph at a time for almost 2 months but I finished it.
And it was good.
Not just good, but life changing!

Kisses from Katie is a book about an upper class 18 year old homecoming queen.  After school she went to Uganda to teach for a year.
She fell in love with the people there and stayed.
She is now a 22 year old single mother to 13 girls.
(check out her blog here)

I loved this quote. 
She was home in Nashville when she wrote...
"...the spiritual richness I had experienced in material poverty and the spiritual poverty I felt now in a land of material wealth." (p85)

This book made me question whether or not Jim and I should buy a bigger house.
Should we stay a little uncomfortable in our house of plenty to provide more for kids like these?
It made us get back on our knees and pray.
We asked God to show us without a shadow of a doubt that He wanted us to move.
And He did.

It also lit a fire under me.
God used this book to nudge us to raise $10,000 for Eagle's Nest Orphanage in Guatemala.
Money for an addition, so that no child would be turned away because there is no more room.
Since that time you guys have been such an encouragement!
I have received emails, FB messages, people have posted links to my blog.
There are people making things for us to take to the children.
There are children raising money for other children who have no food!

I have had to repent of my lack of faith and my pride in not wanting to ask for help,
as I have watched God work in the hearts of our family, friends and even strangers!
We have already raised $2,490.
We leave at the end of May and hope to have raised the full amount by then.
Read more about the orphanage here.
If you would like to help you can contact Amy at blockamy at hot mail dot com
Just be sure to mention our name or our blog name so we can match your anonymous gift.

photo credit Amy Block

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